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The Dorval Swim Club takes great pride in the planning it takes to build a champion. It is our view that champions are created at every level. Learning how to be the best you can be is a daily task undertaken by our swimmers with the guidance of our trained staff. Below are the groups and levels of our swimmers. If you are interested in DSC and becoming the best swimmer you can be, register today!

Group Coach(es) Age Range Session / Week Total Hours Monthly Cost More info
ELITE Chuck Meklensek 13 & Over 8-10 (Mon to Sat) 20 $190  Click to view more info
PAG Heather Outerbridge 11-16 7 (Sun-Fr) 12 $160  Click to view more info
TAG Brandon Adams 11-12 6 (Su-Fr) 11.5 $155  Click to view more info
DAG Karina Théoret 12-15 4 (Tu-We-Fr-Sa) 7 $110  Click to view more info
MAG Elianne Landry 10-11 5 (Mo-Tu-Th-Fr-Su) 10 $140  Click to view more info
JAG Alex Terrasi-Brisebois 9-10 4 (Tu-We-Fr-Sa) 7 $110  Click to view more info
TOP Karim Oussayar-Francoeur / Stella Barsalou 9 and under 3 (Mo-Th-Sa) 4 $80  Click to view more info

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